BlueJeans is a desktop video conferencing system integrated with WMU-Cooley's distance education classrooms.  Students enrolled in a BlueJeans section of a Distance Education (DE) course will be able to participate in the course remotely via video conference.

As a remote participant, you will see the instructor and all other DE participant locations, as well as have access to any course material that is shared including PowerPoint slides, document camera, or other computer content. 

Please use Google Chrome to access this online classroom.

Sample Screen with DE and BlueJeans Participants

Sample Screen with Participant View and Document Camera Content

    Q: How can I test BlueJeans before my class or event?
    A: The following link provides an overview of how BlueJeans works, outlines equipment requirements, and provides the ability to test BlueJeans with your computer before your first class. 
    BlueJeans Pre-Class Confirmation

    Q: I'm enrolled in a BlueJeans section, how do I access my class?
    A: If you are enrolled in a BlueJeans section of a DE course, access is provided through a Blackboard course page.  
    1. Login to the WMU-Cooley portal at and select Blackboard Sign In from the My World menu.
    2. The courses you are enrolled in are listed on the right side of the screen.  Select your desired course.
    3. Select BlueJeans course access from the course menu.  
    Please note that the BlueJeans link to your classroom, may be used at other dates and times for other classes.  Only use the BlueJeans link during the date and time that your class meets.

    Q: I am enrolled in a BlueJeans (00) section, but I still can't see the link?
    It takes up 24 hours for enrollment to show up in the course.
    If it has been more than 24 hours since you signed up for the BlueJeans section and you still don't see the link, please contact

    Q: Do I need special equipment to use BlueJeans?
    A: BlueJeans runs in a web browser and requires no special software.  You will need a computer with a webcam/microphone, and a high speed Internet connection. We strongly recommend using Google Chrome as the browser.

    Q: Can I use BlueJeans to access my course when I can't make it on campus?
    A: The ABA limits the delivery of courses in an on-line format.  BlueJeans access is limited to those enrolled in the special (00) section of the course, which is tracked against the ABA requirement.  If your instructor records their class you can access it via the Blackboard course page.

    Q: What do I do if I am not in a BlueJeans section, but thought I was?
    During the enrollment period, change your enrollment.
    During the late enrollment period, contact the registrar.
    After enrollment has ended, contact the dean of your campus.

    Q: Do I need to have my webcam turned on?  What about my microphone?
    A: Your Webcam is enabled by default and we ask that you keep it on while connected to the online classroom.  This lets your professor know you're there.  

    Your microphone is muted by default which keeps background noises from disrupting the class. When called upon to talk, you can enable your microphone by clicking the microphone icon, or use the BlueJeans 'push to talk' feature and hold down the spacebar on your keyboard while talking.  We suggest using the 'push to talk' feature, because it provides a simple way to enable your microphone when called upon and eliminates forgetting to turn it off when you're done speaking.