Getting Started

Blue Jeans - Getting Starting Tips
You will need a computer with a webcam / microphone, and a high speed internet connection to use BlueJeans.

If you are enrolled in a DE elective course using BlueJeans, the following are offered as guidelines. 
  • You are asked to be signed into your BlueJeans course ten minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Your professor will use this time to confirm attendance of BlueJeans participants and confirms that all remote participants are connected before the class starts. You will participate as a guest. State your real name where prompted. 
  • Participate from a quiet location.  If necessary use a headset to reduce background noise around you from disrupting the course. Make sure that you look professional. Refrain from eating during class. Try to be in a room by yourself, uninterrupted. Take a look what shows up behind you while you are on camera.
  • Sign into BlueJeans using the link in Blackboard every time. It guarantees that you will be in the correct classroom. Do not save the link! Do not use a cached link! The link does not stay the same.
  • Your microphone is muted by default when you first join your classroom.  Enable your microphone only when called upon by holding down the space bar on your keyboard.  This reduces disruptions such as barking dogs, rustling papers, and other sounds from any of the participant locations from impacting the conference audio for the entire class.
  • Please be aware that bandwidth intensive services that run on your computer / network can impact your performance when using BlueJeans. iTunes, Facebook, Spotify, and Pandora are each examples of applications that can dramatically impact your Internet performance, even if they are running in the background. It is strongly suggested that you stop any running programs when participating in an online course.

Equipment Confirmation
Please note that the BlueJeans link to your classroom, may be used at other dates and times for other classes.  Only use the BlueJeans link during the date and time that your class meets.

To confirm that your webcam and microphone work with BlueJeans, in advance of your video conference, please login to the BlueJeans test room.  The test room has an interactive screen that shows your camera and allows to talk into your microphone and hear yourself back.  Please note the test room may utilize a parrot or other animated character and will modify the sound of your voice to match the character.

BlueJeans Participant Guide